Farmers Markets Are Today’s Urban Gardens

Local cucumbers are my absolute favorite!

Every Urban Cajun Girl grew up with a vegetable garden. Either her parents, grandparents or neighbors had a garden and it was always a treat to harvest and eat fresh veggies. Pulling tomatoes and cucumbers from the vine and digging red potatoes out of the dirt were my favorite. Snapping green beans, shelling peas and shucking fresh corn on the porch with big bowls and metal tubs are wonderful memories.

Gardening, then as it is today, is an important part of a cost effective, healthy and sustainable lifestyle. However, urban living doesn’t lend itself easily to vegetable gardens, and the convenience of readily available produce in the multitude of grocery stores has made it all too convenient to purchase instead of tilling, planting, tending and harvesting.

If you crave the fresher picked taste of locally grown produce and supporting local farmers, urban farmers markets are the place to go. They have grown in such popularity that many of them have a farmers market in a different location each day of the week.

If you are in the Baton Rouge area, visit one of the Red Stick Farmers Markets.  Not only will you find fresh locally grown produce, but you will find fresh eggs, milk, cheese and meat, as well as beautiful herbs and flowers.

Are you an Urban Cajun Girl in the Crescent City? Fresh garden vegetables and homemade treats do not have to be a part of your past. Since 1995, fresh, locally grown produce is plentiful and can be found at any of the Crescent City Farmers Market in the Greater New Orleans area farmers markets. Filled with fresh produce, seafood, honey, fresh-baked bread and pastries, local chefs and cooking demonstrations. Last but not least, you will find plenty of great local musicians too. It would not be the Big Easy without it!

XOXO, Hope Maria