Discover Louisiana Sunshine Soap Company

Louisiana Sunshine Soap Company is a small family-based soap making company in Sunshine, Louisiana.

Hibiscus, Gin & Tonic and Acadia

Why I love them…

Mild, handcrafted soaps, paraben free, vegan friendly, scented with essential oils and phthalate free premium fragrance oils, tested on family and friends, not animals.

Made with natural ingredients such as palm and coconut oil, coffee and coffee grounds, cloves, ground oatmeal, cocoa powder, rosewater, bentonite clay, juniper berries, real Louisiana honey, ground cinnamon and ginger, and powdered turmeric and parsley.

Cold-processed and cured for four weeks, these soaps not only smell amazing, but they are hard, long-lasting and result in a very creamy bar soap.

Eco friendly sourced organic palm and recycled packaging are icing on the cake!

Why I love them even more…

Many of these beautifully crafted bars of soap are uniquely named after Louisiana parishes and Cajun French words. With names like Acadia, Evangeline, Plaquemines, Noire, L’Abre de Noel & Geaux Saints, they are an Urban Cajun Girl’s top pick for gifts under $10.

Ways to get this goodness…

Visit them online to order or call 225.963.1325 to find a retail location near you.