Beauty Recycled: Eco-Friendly Jewelry by Kevia

As we become more aware of the social and environmental impact of our everyday purchases, producers are listening. It is easier than ever to find fair trade and eco-friendly items, including home decor, beauty products, clothing, accessories, jewelry and more. Eco-friendly products and sources are some of the things that I will continue to share in future blog posts.
Tip: You can find these options anytime with a simple internet search and taking a little time to explore what is at local eco-friendly stores and aisles in local eco-oriented markets can turn up affordable and desirable options.

One of my favorite ways to live more eco-friendly is with products from repurposed or recycled materials. There are many amazingly talented people who are great at repurposing and up-cycling. is a popular source of inspiration for DIY lovers. Local art festivals, craft fairs and are great places to meet artisans and purchase their recycled and repurposed beauties. I am not so gifted, so I am thankful that I can purchase these beautiful creations from others who have chosen to use their talent to “gift” back to the world doing so.

One of my new discoveries is Kevia Jewelry. I ran across this line at my local Whole Foods. The small selection of this “tiny” gold jewelry caught my eye with its tiny little sparkle. Since I have learned to not be swayed by marketing print on labels or just presume something is eco and people-friendly just because it is in Whole Foods, I dug a little deeper. I took a few minutes to look up the company on my iPhone and read about their practices before making my decision to buy anything. I read reviews and reports by others and as you can see, I was quite impressed.

Kevia Jeffrey-West designs jewelry inspired by nature, drawing inspiration from organic gardening and her extensive world travels. Committed to sustainable living and eco-friendly business practices, Kevia uses recycled metals and leathers, locally mined stones and sustainably harvested materials. She sources materials in their country of origin and works with their local artisans to craft the finished products. Controlling the entire process from sourcing to distribution, fair trade practices, decreasing energy usage and maximizing sustainability are a foundation of Kevia Jewelry.

“Louisiana” Recycled Metal Bracelet by Kevia

I am in love with my new bracelet from Kevia Jewelry. It was the perfect choice for this Louisiana Urban Cajun Girl. A tiny gold heart stamped “LA” with a tiny shiny clear stone, strung on a red braided-thread bracelet. The bracelet was priced at $9.99. Other pieces, necklaces and earrings, were priced under $20.

A visit to the Kevia Jewelry website quickly reveals an extensive line and multiple collections including designer pieces. With such a broad range of designs and price ranges, celebrities and everyday jewelry lovers alike have embraced her work. If Kevia’s style and sustainable philosophy speaks to you, visit the Kevia’s website for on-line shopping, local retailers and wholesale purchases.

XOXO, Hope Maria