Natural Food Inspired Pear Necklace: A Sweet Treat

If one is great, two is better… Right?

I could not help myself when I saw this cute little pear by Kevia for $19.99 at my local Whole Foods Market. This is my second piece from Kevia who uses recycled metal and fair trade and sustainable practices. This little beauty is from her Natural Food Collection. Check out the recipe on the card; a nice little culinary touch.

This little 16″ pear necklace reminds me of the cooking pear tree that we had in our backyard. Sweet memories of the six years we moved back to my hometown for my son to enjoy the blessings and treasures of small town living amongst the sugar cane fields and family.

I never learned to cook with or preserve the pears but the birds surely enjoyed eating them, so they did not go unenjoyed. But, now I have a dear sweet neighbor with a pear tree who has retained her canning and baking skills and brings me a pie every so often.

It is a nice treat to have little encounters like this to keep me connected to the some of the sweetest times in life.

XOXO, Hope Maria

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