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Love at first sight is real! I totally fell in love with Petite Louisiane art the moment I saw them. Laura BelIone is the gifted artist behind these tiny beauties. Laura is a landscape architect who combines her passion for painting with her love of Louisiana to create small, affordable pieces of art with Louisiana flavor.

Gulf of Mexico shrimp and Louisiana crawfish
Mighty Mississippi River is graced by massive bridges and grande antebellum homes
Boiled crawfish and blue crabs are always a delight to share with friends

Petite Louisiane captures some of the most well known icons of Louisiana in addition to some local faves. Shrimp, crabs, crawfish, oysters, pelicans and magnolias are quite popular. You will also find tributes to tourists faves such as New Orleans, Mardi Gras, the French Quarter and beignets. Image of cows, egrets, pink flamingos, and cotton plants also provide a glimpse into special corners of Louisiana with special meaning to locals.

Pelicans, flamingos, fleur de lis, oysters and cypress trees are just a few of the many Louisiana inspired images of Petite Louisiane
Cotton of Louisiana
Scenes from New Orleans

Why I love them…

Petite Louisiane is tiny and can be measured in inches!!! They are just too cute not to love.

4×4 canvas art work
Mini Louisiana original art on easels

The 4”x4” canvas and 2.3”x 3.5” on easels lend themselves brilliantly to adding affordable original art to tiny places, small rooms, bookcases, wall shelves, window sills and accent tables. 4”x12” pieces and 8”x8” prints are also available. If you need fill a larger space with this tiny art, simply frame and mount with a larger frame or even a box frame.

Petite Louisiane original paintings and drawings can also be found on ornaments, coasters, frames, and other mediums. They also make wonderful corporate gifts for out of state clients and customers as well as beautiful souvenirs (French for “remember’). In fact, I recently bought a few of these as Christmas gifts for a few special people, both local and out of State.

Square ornaments framed with elements of nature
Mini hangings let anyone know you call Louisiana “home.”
Ornaments by Petite Louisiane
Puzzle shaped frame
Puzzle shaped frame

Why I love them even more…

Petite Louisiane art often incorporates repurposed or recycled materials including clippings from local newspapers.  I had a very difficult time deciding on the first piece to buy. I eventually chose the blue crab painted on newspaper with text featuring “NOLA“, local term that is short for New Orleans, LA.

My first piece of Petite Louisiane art. Louisiana blue crab on New Orleans newsprint.

Ways to get this goodness…

Visit Petite Louisiana at local community events

You can buy Petite Louisiane art at local charity, art and community festivals and on-line. Follow on Facebook to see upcoming local events. Visit them online at Petite Louisiana to see a full line of art work currently available.  Commissioned work is always welcomed. For more information or assistance with purchases, contact Laura Bellone through her website or at

Louisiana themed tiny art by Petite Louisiane
Beautiful selection of art on canvases, easels & prints

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