The MamaZone: Making Moms’ Lives A Little Bit Easier

 My greatest joy in life is being a wife & mom. Any mom knows that along with the joy of family life, comes much juggling, planning, managing and a bit of craziness at times.  As an information and resource hound, imagine my delight to discover “The MamaZone.”
This website is the brilliant brain child of Anitra Elmore, a former elementary school teacher, turned full-time homeschool mom, who uses her talents and insights to help make the lives of moms easier.

Anitra Elmore of The Mama Zone
Anitra Elmore of The Mama Zone

The MamaZone brilliantly shares both nuggets and treasure troves of information, fondly called T.I.D.B.I.T.S., which stands for Trials, Ideas, Discoveries, Bargains, Inspiration, Technology and Savings. Leave it to a teacher to be so clever as to organized all of this information into categories of the perfect acronym. Just another reason I totally appreciate and love the brilliant creativeness of the main mama in The MamaZone.

Monday’s Mom is a Weekly Feature of The Mama Zone

An extra special new feature of The MamaZone found under “Ideas” is “Monday’s Mom” that features real-life moms who share personal tips for managing mom stuff without losing it. I was delighted to recently be highlighted as a Monday’s Mom.  I invite you to follow along with me to learn tips from the previous and future moms. Also, if you know of a mom with great tips to keep it together ad make life easier, invite her to share her tips here and she just may land in a Monday’s edition of The MamaZone.

As an Urban Cajun Girl, I would be remised if I did not mention all of the lagniappe you can find in The MamaZone! Oh, what is “lagniappe”?  Lagniappe is a part of everyday life in South Louisiana. It is a little something extra that merchants give to customers as a token of appreciation. It is never expected, but always genuinely appreciated. Lagniappe is all over The MamaZone. You will find seasonal download freebies and a bounty of giveaways almost daily!

After a quick peek, I know you will love and want even more of The Mama Zone. For non-stop goodness and to show some mama love, say hello to Anita Elmore at The MamaZone on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram and YouTube.

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