UCG Top Pick: Mike Anderson’s Seafood Gumbo

Where does a city living Cajun girl go for the best Louisiana seafood gumbo? Mike Anderson’s of course!  Whether just a few bowls for my family or a larger gathering, this is my go-to Louisiana seafood gumbo.  

This gumbo, from the restaurant and name sake of the famed All-American Linebacker from LSU, is filled with peeled shrimp and in-shell crab, and cooked with Cajun essentials such as okra, onions, garlic, celery, bell peppers and the quintessential bay leaf.

If you are ordering a larger amount, you can even request the cold gumbo with the fresh, raw Louisiana seafood on the side. Add the fresh shrimp and crab to finish cooking at home in your favorite large pot, and guests will think you have cooked all day for them. It doesn’t get any fresher than that unless you cook it all yourself.

If you love cooking, you can find this recipe in their cookbook, including a recipe to make the absolutely necessary fish stock. Don’t have the cookbook? No problem. Mike Anderson’s generously shares this recipe.

Wait…Cook a fish stock!!?? This task alone is enough for me to “call, pick up and pay,” which is a time-saver tip for which this Urban Cajun Girl is known.

Traveling during the fall or winter holidays? This is the perfect gumbo to take along. We have even been known to take it on a weekend camping trip and on Fall beach vacations.  How can you get this culinary delight? Stop by to dine or get it go from one of their Louisiana locations in Baton Rouge, Central, Gonzales and at the Riverwalk in New Orleans. Check out their menu on their website for other authentic Louisiana seafood delights.