Smart and Savvy Beauty: Cosmetic Color Palettes

Be Beautiful, Be Smart, Be Savvy…with natural makeup color palettes. 

Be Beautiful

Cosmetic palettes are like having a makeup artist in a box. Gorgeous colors are perfectly paired to create a professional look. Some also come with inserts or labeled packaging describing application for various looks with the colors included.

Be Smart

Color palettes are a smart option for those who want to save time, or if you are color challenged or overwhelmed by countless individual options. They are also a fantastic option for gift giving to any beauty lover, young or old.

Smart beauty is also about choosing safe ingredients, free of the questionable and unsafe ones.  A quick glance at a label can surprise you. One of the quickest ways to screen cosmetics is to look for any ingredient ending with “paraben” or the words fragrance, parfum or perfume (a common source of phthalates.) Need some guidance, check out two of my favorite resources, Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and the Think Dirty app (free).

Be Savvy

Palettes help eliminate dozens of individual cosmetic pods which means less clutter in your cosmetic bag or drawer.  They are a great way to add order and simplicity to your life!

Less may be more, but in the case of cosmetic palettes, they give you more for less. Well-designed palettes save you money as they costs less than buying each color separately.

UCG Fave 

100% Pure is one of my favorite cosmetic companies. Their vegan, organic cosmetics are colored by using pigment from fruit!

Current palettes come with 3 shadows, 1 blush and 1 luminizer. That is 5 individual colors and products in one beautiful mirrored case!

All of the color options are beautiful, long-lasting and highly pigmented. Pick your favorite from three new collections: Mermaid, Punk Princess, or my fave, Sex Kitten.

  What I love even more is that 100% Pure uses 100% natural ingredients, free of artificial colors and fragrances, free of synthetic chemical preservatives and other toxins as well. The icing on the cake is that all cosmetic and accessory products are completely cruelty-free.

Shop with 100% confidence at 100% Pure Cosmetics with their 100% satisfaction policy, free shipping and free returns plus a rewards program. Another great way to be beautiful, smart and savvy!

XOXO, Hope Maria

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    1. Hi Beautzy …I haven’t tried the lip colors yet but they are on my list too! I will be picking out a few this week. I can’t wait to see how fruit pigmented lip color looks, feels and tastes. What colors do you love?

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