Armomatherapy For Small & Unique Spaces

diffuserDiffusing essential oils for a healthier, more aromatic environment at work is very appealing. However, many work places do not allow you to use an electric diffuser with water or an open flame tea-light diffuser for safety reasons.

If you find yourself in this boat, consider this little beauty….a Aromafier by Sparoom. This little guy has multiple power options. Install 2AA batteries (not included) or plug right into your computer with the included USB cord. Another tip is you can plug the USB into a wall charger adapter and use a traditional wall outlet…so technically you have three power options! how to useThe diffuser is totally electric, no water needed!  It is a great way to diffuse in your personal space and not have the hazard of water or fire. It comes with 3 large scent pads. Avoid the temptation to go crazy with tons of drops of essential oil. Why not? It will last longer, right? Wrong! I made this mistake. It will be too strong and others sharing your space may not as fond of your aromatherapy inclination. Start with 5 drops and adjust once you gauge its diffusion characteristics.

These little diffusers also make great gifts as well as solutions for unique rooms.  Great for college dorms, reception desks and small offices, bathrooms and powder rooms. They can easily be used in a motor home or boat cabin, a study area at home, or in kitchen with limited outlets or in a busy area where you do not want to have to worry about water being spilled. Of course they are perfect for travel; just throw it in your suitcase and go.sizeAt a size of 4.25 in. L x 3.25 in. W in x  2.5 in. H, it can easily fit on a window sill, a book shelf, side table, tiny bath counter or desk.  It truly is a great little problem solver.

I found the best price in my area is at Whole Foods for $9.99, and occasionally they have been on sale.  I have seen these sold online for as much as $19.99 which is totally over priced in my opinion.

You definitely do not need to overpay for them if you can find them locally.  A few stores, including Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond, sell them in a nice little bundle with a small bottle of essential oil. These are priced around $12-$14 which is very reasonable as they include a starter oil. Also I have noticed the same little unit is branded by a number of different companies.  If it looks like this one, it works the same.

I have had my green one for a few months, and I absolutely love it. I have used it for travel, in my bathroom, in my foyer when expecting guest and even in my car. I love it so much that I just bought a blue one that I am adding to my Christmas gift stash to have on hand just in case I need an extra gift. My biggest hope is that I forgot no one on my list at all…then I can gift it to myself!

XO, Hope Maria