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Some people are all about shoes, bags, rings or earrings…but I love bracelets. Given my newer found inclination for simple things and fondness for businesses that are socially minded, image my delight to discover Pura Vida Bracelets.

Pura Vida means “Pure Life”

These friendship style bracelets are prefect for both the laid back and active lifestyle lovers. They are 100% waterproof, wax-coated, adjustable and surf-safe. Although they are perfect for coastal life, it is easy to see the fashion possibilities for mainland and urban wearers alike.   

Urban Casual Chic

I first discovered these little beauties at my local Whole Foods. The bright colors, and dainty strings amongst the braided bands and metal charms, caught my eye. The logo embossed drawstring cotton bags were even more intriguing.  Seeing that they were one of only a few jewelry lines in Whole Foods, I knew there must be a great story behind the brand. I was right!

Pure Vida Bracelets was birthed only five years ago from a unique experience following a college graduation trip to Costa Rica by two San Diego, California dudes. While there, Griffin and Paul came across two poor artisan peddlers, Jorge and Joaquin, who were selling simple, colorful bracelets.

Griffin and Paul requested to buy 400 bracelets and took them back to San Diego with plans to sell them to recoup some of the expenses of their 5-week trip. The inexpensive bracelets were a hit and sold out quickly. The guys had a new business idea that soon change many lives. They formed a business with Jorge and Joaquin in Costa Rica and launched Pura Vida Bracelets.  Not only did these little bracelets lift Jorge and Joaquin out of poverty, but the new business made them well off in their Costa Rican community, as well as  the many artisans they now employed full-time with sustainable jobs.

 Choose from original, beaded, track beads, braided, flat braids and charmed styles.
Find your own style with original, beaded, track beads, braided, flat braids and charmed options.

Each bracelet purchased not only provides jobs for artisans of Costa Rica, but supports almost 200 charities and causes too! The range of charity organizations include environmental, women, children, animals, education, health, military and memorial charities. Over $600,000 to date has been donated from the sale of these simply little bracelets. Check out the full collection of Charity Bracelets. These are just a few with causes close to my heart:

Curious how they are made? Watch this brief Pura Vida Bracelets video called Creating Communities. Fair warning…you will fall in love!

So…after this love fest…. wondering what my collection looks like? This is my very first bracelet.

My First Pura Vida Bracelet
My First Pura Vida Bracelet

I bought this one at my local Whole Foods a few months ago.  The rest of these beauties, I purchased directly from them on-line get the best value. I totally took advantage of the recent 50% off Black Friday sale.

 Shades Plum & Purple
Shades Plum & Purple
Feeling Coastal in December

Ready to decorate your arm, support a cause  and help sustain a community with these special beauties? Check your local natural and outdoor lifestyle stores or visit  Pura Vida Bracelets on-line. Enjoy extra savings when you select bundles or from their sale section. Save an additional 20% with future orders with my promo code HOPEMARIA20 at checkout!!

Gift them, trade them or keep them all.

Light hearted, fashionable  bracelets that supports full-time jobs in economically limited communities and a multitude of incredible causes…now that is beautiful!

XOXO, Hope Maria