Happy Mardi Gras 2016

Wishing everyone a Happy Mardi Gras! Enjoy the parades and spending time with family and friends, new and old.

If you have never attended a Mardi Gras to experience  the fun and festivities, here are a few Mardi Gras quotes to convey the feelings of those who have:

“I have trouble explaining to out-of-towners why people here spend $1,000 to wear a mask so no one knows who they are, and then give away things to people they’ve never met. But I guess it’s an opportunity for everybody to play Santa Claus. That’s at the heart of it.” ~ Arthur Hardy

“I love Mardi Gras. I’m a street rat.”  ~ Mitch Landrieu, Mayor of New Orleans

“But the reasons against going to New Orleans–that spicy southern city known for jazz and Mardi Gras and hospitality–were the very reasons we had to go.” ~Howard Schultz 

If you missed Mardi Gras this year, no worries…there is always next year.  Save the date; it is Tuesday, February 28, 2017!  But you will want to return again and again, so mark you calendar foFuture Mardi Gras dates.

Happy Mardi Gras! XOXO, Hope Maria