Smart, Savvy & Healthy Herb and Vegetable Gardening with Smart Pots

I love gardens but I hate the work. I know that does not sound like the farmer’s daughter that I am, but it’s true. Gardens are too much work and typically involve machinery that I do not care to buy, maintain or store. I like to live small and on the go, and I hate to sweat!! So tilling soil, killing grass, and building planters is not my thing at all. Neither is pulling weeds or loosing crops during hurricane season.

Well, easy gardening is now within my reach!!! My newest discovery for easy gardening and super healthy herbs, vegetables, plants, etc. is Smart Pots! I discovered them when searching for an easy and healthy way to grow my organic herbs. Check out my YouTube video for a quick overview of Smart Pots!

Smart Pots allow you to grow healthy plants with happy roots, on lawn, concrete, rocks or decks, or whatever surface you have. In other words…no need to kill grade, till or prepare garden rows or beds.

Smart Pots are made with a durable, breathable fabric & grass and weeds do not grow up through them!! Just open, place where ever you want, fill with soil and plant!!

The brilliance of Smart Pots is that unlike conventional plastic, clay, stone, wood or concrete pots that hold heat & force roots to grow in a circular manner, Smart Pots breathable fabric allows oxygen and heat to flow right through & allow roots to naturally air prune. Air pruned roots grow in their natural direction, so it makes your plants super happy in general and also well prepared for transplanting. Also, because the air travels directly through the entire pot, soil dries out evenly. Thus, you are not left with water-soaked roots and a dry a top layer. Yes….it really does keep getting better!

I wish I had taken photos of my plants before I transplanted them from their plastic nursery containers. The difference is dramatic. They seemed to have taken off in a matter of days. The most dramatic growth has been with my peppermint which was leggy and a lighter color. My three varieties of lavender are growing taller by the day. I think I have a fabulous chance of finally having success with lavender!!

Smart Pots are perfect for eco-friendly gardening. Smart Pots are lightweight, reusable, long lasting, BPA-free and made in the USA! That means no expensive, heavy, breakable terra-cotta, ceramic or concrete pots. Another advantage for me is that with these lightweight fabric pots, I can quickly and easily move my plants safely in & out of the garage and not worry about losing them to the furry of tropical storms & hurricanes that we face every June through November. That is 6 out of 12 months!!

But the number one reason I chose Smart Pots for container gardening is that they have no lead like glazed pots and no BPA found in plastics. Both are critical to avoid when growing edibles. Now that is a “smart pot”!!

It is worth mentioning that I did find a knock off, look-alike fabric pot at my garden center, but no where on it did it say BPA free. The garden center told me it was made with landscaping fabric, so I decided to stick with the original Smart Pot which is labeled BPA-free.

Love the look of vertical gardening or have a space that demands that vertical options? Smart Pots also offers hanging bags for vertical gardening on walls, railings and fences.

Smart Pots go beyond container gardening. They also come in 2′ to 5′ diameter raised planting bed “pots.” This means you can plant a vegetable garden anywhere! What is not to love these pots!

I cannot wait to finally make my first vegetable garden as it requires no killing of grass, tilling or building raised bed frames. Pop-up gardening, as I now call it, is totally my style!!

Check out the Smart Pots website for all they offer and plus stores that carry them locally. If nothing nearby, check out Amazon where I found mine. If you use Smart Pots or plan to give them a try, let us know.

Want to watch my plants grow? Follow UrbanCajunGirl on Instagram & Facebook. I’ll post their progress over the upcoming summer.

XOXO, Hope Maria