Portable Aromatherapy Diffusers for Summer Travel

Summer travel does not have to mean leaving your aromatherapy behind. Looking for some travel or small space solutions? Check out my YouTube video review for some ideas. My little video is totally “raw,” so I apologize it’s not that fancy. I originally did it just for a few friends earlier this year without even thinking I would ever be posting on YouTube. But with summer vacations upon us, I thought I’d share. I hope you find it helpful.

Travel Diffusers Reviewed

•Earth Solutions Scent Ball

•SpaRoom Aroma Pod

•Aura Cacia Car Diffuser

These kinds of diffusers can be found at local & online stores that carry aromatherapy supplies including Bed, Bath & Beyond, Target, Whole Foods, Amazon, Vitacost, Pharmaca & Plant Therapy.

Need something even smaller or more personal? Diffuser jewelry & personal inhalers are a great way to diffuse for your own personal space. Nature’s Gift has gorgeous jewelry & inhaler options.

No time to shop? Cotton balls, tissues or a small cloth work well also. Add a drop or two and insert in the car vent, your pocket or slip in your pillow case.

Essential Oil for Summer Travel

My favorite essential oils for diffusing during summer travel are peppermint, lavender & citrus oils.

Peppermint helps me stay alert during travel hours and is helpful for travel sickness. Adding a few drops of peppermint to the corner of the shower in the morning creates a refreshing experience to start the day. It’s also nice if I wake up with a little nasal congestion which is common during travel.

Lavender of course is wonderful for relaxing in the evening or taking the edge off after an overbooked day. Whether diffusing or adding a few diluted drops to a bath, it helps create the perfect transition to a restful, calm evening.

Citrus oils are my favorite for diffusing in vacation living spaces. They create a cheerful, happy & homelike vibe. A couple of my faves are mandarin, lime and grapefruit. Grapefruit is also a fave to sprinkle in my morning shower for a cheerful, uplifting start to the day.

Check out my Natural and Organic Faves tab to find links to online sources for products mentioned including essential oils, diffusers and jewelry.

Let us know what are your favorite travel-friendly diffusers and essential oils.

Happy aromatic travels!!

XOXO, Hope Maria