Back to School, YouTube & Blog Talkin’


Happy Friday!!!  I hope you have a fun weekend ahead. I can’t believe it is “back to school” for Louisiana in less than two weeks! I plan to make the most of it and squeeze in some lunches and visits with a few friends before we all are knee deep in school work and our last year of high school football!

As we are a homeschool family and going into our senior year, I will have a little less free time on my hands but I plan to continue blogging. I still aim to get a post up every weekend. This has been such a great outlet for me as I realized that after I became a mom 18 years ago, I dropped all hobbies that were not “mom or work related.” It has been so much fun learning and doing something new, and making new friends through blogging and social media. I love my guys dearly, but it sure has been fun reconnecting to the girlie side of my life that I didn’t realize that I was missing as I am drenched in dude talk 24/7…basically football, football and more football…LOL

I also have some plans to expand on my content to include photos with encouraging, inspiring and motivating quotes and scriptures. I also hope to start sharing a little more on aromatherapy since I started aromatherapy school in May. I will likely start with some of the things I learned that surprised me to know. If you have  other ideas, please let me know what would interest you.

You probably noticed that my recent blog posts have included a video rather than more text itself. Using my Urban Cajun Girl YouTube Channel has been easier for me because it is faster for me to talk and upload a video than to type out long blogs, edit, find or take and add in images and graphics. I initially started using it because it is more gentle on my wrists and neck that being hunched over a keyboard. I have really come to love it! I am no pro and have no fancy equipment, but I surely enjoy talking far more than writing, and it is easier for me to share and demonstrate things without having to take lots of pictures to upload into a written post. So…look for more blog posts in this format. Reminder you can subscribe to my channel and get notified when new ones are posted so that you don’t miss anything!

Also, if you are on social media, follow me on FacebookInstagram and Twitter for quick posts and links for more discoveries, inspiration, natural and organic living plus some Louisiana Love. I post to one or more of those each day ! We all know that social media makes it very easy to quickly share with our friends, so I will definitely continue that as I will be living life “on the go” much more starting next week.

To kick off the weekend, I wanted to share a recent YouTube video I did a part of a “get to know you” with some of blogger friends from ‪My Peony Project. It is a Facebook group for Christian women bloggers where we can share ‬ideas and encourage one another. If you also blog and are looking to make real, honest friendships in this crazy place called the world wide web, check out the group.

Here is my “Interview.” I made it with iMovie…and with music and transition effects!! Still using only my iPhone but hopefully a little more visually interesting and editing & cuts helped me make it a little shorter too! So much more to learn but I appreciate every one of you for tuning in!! And…. Pardon the navy eyeliner smudge I obviously did not see in the corner of my eye….LOL!!

Have a great weekend and I hope you enjoyed my “interview” and please subscribe for more!

XO, Hope Maria