To Louisiana, With Love…

Dubbed “The Great Flood of Louisiana”, “The 500 Year Flood” and “The Storm with No Name,” my family is so grateful to be fine. Our home is fine & our offices are fine but so many of our family, friends and communities are not.

My Louisiana has had so much love from near, far and wide and I just wanted to thank everyone who has helped in whatever way you could. Your prayers, kindness, love and support are so meaningful.

It is not in most of our nature to wait on or ask for help because we just get out and do it, but this crisis and the extent of devastation is so far reaching and we truly appreciate every one of you!!

The need remains great and will evolve over the coming days, weeks and months. Over 110,000 individuals to date have had to request FEMA assistance. Over 6ok homes were flooded and most were not in flood zones and had no flood insurance because they are in areas that have never in their history ever flooded or had high water of concern. Tragically, 13 lives were lost trying to escape or stranded so please pray for these families.

Nearly half of our parishes have been flooded and I do not ever recall that in my lifetime. Please know this is not a just a Baton Rouge disaster although it has gotten the most attention and where it seemed to first start. Over the past 11 days, we have been affected across the whole South Louisiana area as flood waters move wherever the choose.

We are a State with a rich, deep legacy of being strong and surviving with the resources at hand, hard work and neighbor helping neighbor but I promise you, we will make it through and we will keep helping others do the same as we always have when disaster comes to them. I have never been so proud to say that I am a Cajun, from Louisiana. If you want to know what it means to be a Cajun, Dixon Wallace McMakin said it best….see for yourself.

Again, thank you to everyone who has reached out, prayed or helped in any way. 

If looking for more ideas on ways to help love on Louisiana….here are 3 Ways to Help Baton Rouge Flood Victims Immediately {From Louisiana or Afar} as shared by Red Stick Moms Blog‪They are an amazing group of women who use their talents to keep Baton Rouge moms in the know year round and have been incredible during this disaster event. Check out and follow their page and social media too!! 

XO, Hope Maria 

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