Hurricane Matthew Relief

My heart is heavy for our Florida, Georgia, North & South Carolina neighbors affected by Hurricane Matthew and the devastated island counties such as Haiti, with 800 lives lost before making landfall in Florida. Tradgically, even more lives were lost this weekend and people are still missing.

Hurricanes and their devastation is all to familiar to us here in Louisiana. If you want to help with relief work and aid for the communities affected by Hurricane Matthew while combined with the message of love and hope of Jesus amidst the worse hours in life, consider donating to Crisis Response International (CRI).

CRI has been here in Baton Rouge working with our church & helping since the flood. These specially trained crisis response volunteers and chaplains are the real deal and have been one of the many vital faith based organization that have blessed Louisiana in more ways than mucking homes and providing goods during our recent flood crisis.

Here are recent photos from their Facebook page to give you an idea of their labor, love and hope that has blessed so many in my community.

I will always be grateful to have witnessed  how CRI responders showed up and not only brought physical supplies and man-power, but how they wrapped the arms of Jesus around those most hurting. They will have my on going support.

If you are inclined to ever pay it forward, or support crisis relief work anywhere in the world, please consider donating to Crisis Response International. They respond to crisis all over the world!!

If you want to support the relief efforts of Hurricane Matthew specifically, click here for that link.

If you feel called to be a crisis response volunteer or chaplain and bring the everlasting love and hope of Jesus, look into their certification training & join their deployment teams. If your church is interested in crisis response training to be prepared for future events in your community, they can train your teams also. Visit the CRI website for more information on all of the opportunities they offer.

XO, Hope Maria

Photo credit: All photos from CRI Facebook page