Discover Mimosa Handcrafted: Aromatherapy and Lost Wax Casted Jewelry

One of my favorite discoveries this past year or so is Mimosa Handcrafted. Located right here in Baton Rouge, but appreciated well beyond, Mimosa Handcrafted brings us 100% original pieces, most of which are Louisiana inspired, and all locally handmade.  

At the core of Mimosa Handcrafted’s collection is their brass handcrafted jewelry. Pieces are meticulously created one by one by founder & designer Madeline Ellis using the Lost Wax Casting method. You can learn more about her craft on her YouTube Channel.

Love gifts that give back, then Mimosa Handcrafted Goods for Good line is for you. Here is my very first piece, the very special “Red Stick” necklace from this collection. This particular necklace helps support Together Baton Rouge, a collation of faith congregations & community organizations working to better our community on many levels.


Madeline is a gifted artisan with other mediums as well. She creates amazing terra cotta diffuser jewelry. To say that the joy that filled my being when I discovered these diffuser necklaces was immense is an understatement. While the clever felt locket medallion type diffuser necklaces are easy to find, none seemed to fit my style, so I went without for years…until now!!

The terra cotta diffusers by Mimosa Handcrafted are exactly what I was looking for in a personal diffuser. Beautiful. Timeless. Unique. Discrete. It took me over a year to actually select one and my only regret is that I took so long!

If you haven’t guessed…the photos above and below feature the diffuser that stole my heart. I recently posted a video reveal on my YouTube Channel when it arrived and I got to see it in person for the first time!!

My new ceramic and terra cotta essential oil diffuser necklace is amazing!!! This gorgeous piece of wearable art is so “me” because it is filled with my favorite shape…circles and serves triple duty: art, jewelry & aromatherapy on the go!

With two terra cotta disks between the handmade porcelain balls, there is the option to add a different essential oil to each if you want or just add your favorite blend to both. For example, I used a drop of Absolute Aroma’s Prevention blend while traveling last week. If you are not a fan of heavily scented clove and cinnamon common in defense blends that can easily overpower  a space, this is a great option. You can see the ingredients here. Locally in Baton Rouge, you can find this 22 year old Soil Association Certified UK brand of 100% essential oils at Coyote Moon.


This week I’ve enjoyed putting one drop of Aromatics International‘s Bulgarian Lavender (Lavendula angustifolia) on one disk and one drop of Neal’s Yard Remedies Frankincense (Boswellia carterii) for the benefits of both. Did I mention that I think these two should just get married! They are the perfect couple in my book!  LOL.


I have worn this diffuser necklace over the past few weeks and can testify that 1-2 drops is plenty!!!! The aroma lasts for a couple of days but the aroma does not violate other’s personal space if you know what I mean! If you use essential oils in public, this an a great way to “mind your essential oil manners.” Friendly reminder that just because they are natural and do great things for us, it does not mean we have free license to spread our aromas around like sunshine and joy. Think of the person that walks in the door and you smell them before then get to you, or the person who hugs you with an off putting perfume and it sticks to you like glue all day!  Or perhaps you can think of one scent that triggers a migraine and just ruins your day. We must be mindful of others and their personal space also, and personal diffusers can help us do this very well.

By the way…I’m so overjoyed with this Mimosa Handcrafted terra cotta diffuser that I just ordered another style to wear when I want a more minimalist look!!! I am not convinced that all terra cotta is the same because I just bought some hanging terra cotta stones the aroma barely last a few hours.  So kudos to Mimosa Handcrafted to using a quality of clay that really rocks for aromatherapy!!! Stay tuned for the video reveal and review of the “Small O” diffuser necklace when it arrives.

If you love essential oils and aromatherapy, or looking for that rare affordable “wow” gift for Christmas, birthdays or just because, check out the full collection of Mimosa Handcrafted diffusers. Let us know which is your favorite piece.

Love these pieces?? Thanks to Madeline’s generosity, you can order your faves & get free shipping with code FREESHIP2016.

Love all of the brass jewelry pieces in Mimosa’s collection too and want to save more? Visit their website and subscribe to the newsletter & follow on Facebook and Instagram for special offers. Want to experience in person? Use the store locator to find a nearby retailer and watch the calendar for upcoming community art events & pop up shopping events. Just don’t make the same mistake as me & admire them for too long before buying, because you’ll be cheating your own self. Once your arrives…you’ll know exactly what I mean.

XO, Hope Maria

Use this link for Aromatics International and after your first order, we will both receive $10.00 to use on future orders.

This is not a sponsored post. My opinions are always honest and based solely on my own personal experience.