Hi Beauty Lovers!!!

Today I am sharing my #1 skin care tip plus my skin care routine. This post is by request of Kat B. after watching my recent Neal’s Yard Remedies Haul video.

First let me say, whether you shop drug stores, department stores, spa lines, etc., it is important to protect yourself by using only products with known safe ingredients, not harsh and concerning ingredients that contribute to health concerns even if they give you beautiful skin results. For a list of ingredient to avoid, I love this simple wallet card and Never List from Beautycounter. I have this saved on my iPhone and use it anytime I need to read a label.


Back to the subject at hand, you know how much I love aromatherapy and the amazing benefits of incorporating the power of essential oils to support natural beauty and wellness. Factoring in all of the amazing properties of Frankincense, for my skin; it has been the perfect beauty and anti-aging ingredient.

Frankincense is renown for its anti-aging benefits. Frankincense essential oil is high in cytophylactic properties. Translated to skin care, cytophylaxis supports healthy skin care by protecting healthy cells and generating new healthy skin cells growth. Hello!!! That is exactly what any beauty lover wants!

Frankincense also has fabulous astringent properties to tighten and tone. Yes!! We want that too! Frankincense also offers anti-inflammatory properties to sooth and calm in addition to anti-bacterial properties that can aid in keeping outbreaks at bay. Double yes!!

Prior to finding Neal’s Yard Remedies, my current line of skin care, I made my own facial oil with argan oil and Frankincense boswellia carteri essential oil. Imagine my joy when I found a line that incorporates Frankincense in all steps of skin care from cleaning and toning to serums, moisturizers and masks. Even more special is that the Frankincense used in their line is Fair Wild-Certified, assuring not only sustainable trade of wild plants, but also fair wages for the women who harvest this precious gift from nature.

Oh…and what is my #1 beauty tip? Watch my skin care routine video to find out!

Products Mentioned

  • Cleanser – Rejuvenating Frankincense Refining Cleanser
  • Cloth-Organic Muslin Cloth
  • Toner – Rejuvenating Frankincense Toner
  • Toner-Hydrosols – (helichrysum, lavender, rose geranium)
  • Facial oil – Frankincense Facial Oil
  • Eyes-Frankincense Intense Eye Cream & White Tea Toning Eye Gel
  • Serum-Frankincense Intense Concentrate
  • Moisturizer- Frankincense Intense Cream
  • Scrub-Honey and Orange Facial Scrub
  • Mask-White Tea Enriching Mask
  • Mask Rejuvinating Frankincense Firming Mask

XO, Hope Maria

Where to purchase? If in the US, you can find a local consultant in your area on the  US website. Shop their UK website for their entire range or to find their enchanting shoppes in 20+ countries. Note: I have a consultant account for my personal purchases.
Hydrosols are gentle, safe for children and pets and can be used in many ways including for hydration and toning. Make sure to follow immediately with facial oil or moisturizer to seal in the hydration; otherwise your skin may feel tight. Remember…it is 100% water with just a tiny, tiny amount of essential oil left over from distillation of plants for their essential oils. They are best stored in the refrigerator and in clear glass bottles so that you can keep an eye on them. If they go cloudy or “bloom”, it is time to toss!
Aromatics International is my favorite source for hydrosols and you can get them in a variety of sizes. I suggest starting with 2 oz. to see if you really like it and how long 2oz last.  I recently discovered a source from a local distiller Aromatic Infusions in Youngsville, LA which is a special treat.  Veriditas Bontanics is a certified organic brand carried in a limited number of speciality natural health stores that offers hydrosls. Use the store locator to find one near you. Locally,  I find them at Our Daily Bread and there are 8 other health food stores across  Louisiana on their list.

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