Natural & Organic Brands: Breakfast, Protein, Snacks, Baking & Allergy Free

shift-con-2If words like natural, organic, nonGMO, sustainable, grass fed, & eco-friendly are part of your healthy living love language…you’ll love this new series.

ShiftCon was held in New Orleans…December 1-3, 2016, and I was given the glorious opportunity to attend! ShiftCon is a 3-day blogger education & networking conference & expo for online publishers who provide content related to  natural, organic, eco-friendly & green lifestyles. ShiftCon is sponsored by food, health & wellness brands with shared values and there were about 40 brands there, sharing the love!  I came home with so much stuff that there is no way I can share it all in one post or video, so I decided to break it up into categories and give you a mini series.

The series kicks of with morning foods and snacks and will feature the following in the upcoming weeks. I’ll link them here as they are posted.

  • Mom & Baby

  • Aromatherapy and Homeopathy (will include a giveaway)

  • Home care: Cleaning, Laundry and Pets

  • Skin & Sun Care

  • Feminine Personal Care

  • Teas and Seasonings

  • Vitamins & Supplements (will include a Book giveaway!)

In this video (#1 in a series), I share the breakfast, snack, protein & baking brands I discovered & hope you find this helpful if seeking for your family.

Brands Features:

Where to find:

  • Visit the brand websites for local retailers.

  • Check your local natural foods stores. Ask them to carry if you do not see them.

  • Visit online stores like Thrive Market, Amazon, Jet, iHerb, VitaCost, etc. for front door delivery!

Next in the series is “MOM & BABY”! Stay tuned!

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XO, Hope Maria