img_8816Happy Last Day of the Year!!!!!  

I know “breakfast for dinner” does not seem like an expected post for New Year’s Eve but today is a “knock it out”  day for me. I am scratching things off of the perpetual “to do” list that seems ever growing and that includes sharing this super quick video of one of my favorite quick meals. This video highlights a few favorite brands if you are looking to increase your options for grass fed and pasture-raised eating in the New Year.

In this video, I share my favorite “breakfast for dinner”recipe, and occasionally I cook it for breakfast itself. As they say, you can take the girl out of the country, but you cannot take the country out of the girl. I love breakfast for dinner on cold nights or just when I need to hibernate a bit to decompress from the day. This scrambled egg with browned potatoes and cheese dish has never had a name… other than my husband calling it my “concoction.” But… I love it and it is something I can quickly cook in 10 minutes and feel warm, fuzzy & nourished inside.

In my home, we prefer pasture-raised and grass fed farm & dairy raised without antibiotics and hormones.

Pasture raised animals get to eat & live in nature as intended with fresh air & water, in a low stress environment and humanely treated.

Grass fed animals provide nutrient rich food that is higher in levels of omega-3, beta-carotene, Vitamin E, antioxidants & minerals & to us it taste superior. Supporting grass fed agriculture also benefits the environment with reduced soil erosion; reduce greenhouse gases and provides a better habitat for neighboring wildlife.

Farmers and their families get to enjoy a more sustainable & safer living and working atmosphere which is typically also their home. Basically it’s living & farming as nature intended.

My two favorite grass-fed, pasture-raise brands that I find locally at Whole Foods and Fresh Market are Vital Farms & Organic Valley. For more information on their farming and feeding practices & retail locations, see their websites.

In this video, you get to meet a special person! When I attended the recent ShiftCon event in New Orleans, I was so excited to get to meet Teresa from Vital Farms. She works with all of the farmers who supply them with there fabulous products.

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Have a happy & healthy New Year!!!

XO, Hope Maria

This is not a sponsored video/post. This is my real food that I bought at the grocery store 🙂