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I hope everyone had a great weekend. This weekend I worked really hard to finish up a very special video to follow in my next blog post. It is something I have needed to do for a bit because I start back to school next week for an on-line class this semester, so I will not be able to film as often. I will still pop in from time to time on my blog and of course share regularly on my social media, but filming and editing, even as basic as my videos are…takes a quite bit of time.

Green beauty empties are pretty popular, so I though you might also enjoy an Aromatherapy Empties video. In this video, I include not only my empties, but also some tips and a bit of conversation about my own experiences.

There is a special announcement at the end, so don’t miss it! It is actually a hint about what my next video will be and I hope you share it with your friends.

Brands Mentioned:

  • Aura Cacia
  • Aromatics International
  • Neal’s Yard Remedies
  • doTerra
  • ZAQ Diffusers

Shelf Life Chart Sources:

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