5 Aromatherapy & Essential Oil Tips, Tricks & Hacks


Hi Aromatherapy Loving Friends!!

If you have used essential oils long enough, you will have made some discoveries of things that you wish you had known earlier. You may also find yourself saying, “What was I thinking?” or “I wish I had I known that!”

As my blog is all about sharing great discoveries, I have been itching to share some tips, tricks and lessons learned over the years. 

In this latest video, learn about:

  • Alternative ways to diffuse
  • Easy way to remove orifice reducers & roller balls
  • Affording Rose Otto, Sandalwood, and other high cost, prized essential oils
  • Recording your recipes
  • Makeshift inhalers

Products Mentioned/Click Them for More Information

Metal Essential Oil Key Tool 


My Book of Blends by Liz Fulcher

Aromatic Infusions 

Q. How to calculate pre-dilute essential oil for use in a recipe? 

A. If you want to know how many drops to use of a diluted oil in a bath/body recipes (never use carrier oil mixed essential oils in a diffuser), simply divide the number of full strength drops needed by the amount of dilution of the oil you are using – Rose Otto or Sandalwood in the case of the oils I have here. 

Say you need 3 drops of full strength rose or sandalwood, this is how it works: 3/.28=10.71, so you could round down to 10 or up to 11 drops from the bottle. 

Share your favorite tips, tricks and hacks with us in the comments below. I hope you find all of these tips helpful and that they make your aromatherapy journey easy, fun and more affordable.

XO, Hope Maria

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