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Long Lasting Cut Flowers: Floral Beauty with Double Duty

Long-lasting cut flowers are a simple and beautiful way to add life and color to your world. Fresh flowers can instantly spruce up your decor and create a sense of well-being in your home. Also, for some magical reason, having fresh flowers around just makes you feel more beautiful.

Common long-lasting cut flowers commonly found at markets are Rose, Alstroemeria, Zinnia, Chrysanthemum, and colorful fillers such as Purple Statice, Limonium, and of course greenery. Many cut flowers can last 10 to 21 days with proper care.

Here is the best news. These flowers are commonly used in market bouquets. They are typically $5-$15 in my area. My favorite trick is to separate the flowers into three to four narrow mouth vases. Consider repurposing your empty bath and beauty product glass bottles. One bouquet can fill several rooms for just a few dollars per room.

Lagniappe: Get even more use from your cut flowers by adding aging petals add to a relaxing bath filled with your favorite aromatherapy bath oil or bath salts. Relax. Inhale. Repeat.

So, the next time you are at a market, you can “stop and smell the roses”… or pick up a dozen and create your own beautiful world without stressing your budget.

Let’s us know in the comments below how you get extra duty from your floral beauties.

xox, Hope Maria

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