7 Tips for Successful Whole Food Plant-Based Dining at Traditional Restaurants

“What Will I Eat?”

One of the biggest questions I had when considering a move to eating whole food plant-base was, “What will I eat when we dine out?”

Keep in mind that I am a lifelong picky eater who doesn’t like veggies! Well, at least not until the past year. Exploring veggies cooked in different manners other than boringly steamed has changed my life. Being willing to taste them cooked different ways—at least one time (what moms always say and we picky eaters don’t like to heed) has also been a game changer.

Grits, Roasted Asparagus, and Vegetable Medley
Vin’tij Food & Wine in Sandestin, FL

After transitioning to meatless meals at home, I decided to tackle dining out. After a few attempts, I found it was much easier than expected. In fact, it is so easy that I now get excited to try new restaurants to explore more plant-based goodness.

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