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Welcome to my Blog! My name is Hope Maria and my blog is a nod to two worlds, the one I live in, and the one I hope to never forget. I am forever blessed to be a girl of two worlds, one that is my heart and one that is my soul.

My blog name may lead you to think that it focuses on all things Cajun…but it’s really just a play on words of who I am. I am Cajun born and urban inspired. I am a total city girl and I love everything about the city. I was drawn to the city from a young age because of my love of learning new things, for the vast amount of information and resources that was simply not available in the small towns where I grew up and went to school. In spite of my passion for urban life, growing up in a small farming town and with a Cajun family still influences who I am today.

As an information and resource junkie, I love sharing new things that I learn and discover with like-minded friends. These are the things that you will find here as well as some wonderful urban and Louisiana-inspired art, products, culinary treats, special places to visit in Louisiana and tidbits on Cajun culture.

Me and My Guys

Me and My Guys

Also as my one and only child, who is homeschooled, is preparing to leave the nest, and less dependent upon me for daily things, I find myself with more time for rediscovering me and the things that I enjoy such as photography, aromatherapy and all things beautiful.  I have also come to learn more about and actively pursue natural and organic living in recent years….and what do I do with discoveries? I share them!

Featured Sections

Louisiana Love features some of our favorite places in Louisiana. You will also find great links for all things Louisiana including a yearly calendar of events, festivals, Mardi Gras and special attractions for each region of our State.

Green Lifestyle Faves features products/brands that we have come to discover, use and love.  I actively seek out more and more products and brands that help support an organic and socially minded lifestyle when possible.

Aromatherapy is where you will find some of the professional based resources that been a part of my journey, education and sourcing. I share these because it is a common question I get from friends but it in no way indicates that there are not other reputable, quality sources or that these are the only sources I ever use.

My YouTube Channel is where you will find tons of green beauty and aromatherapy faves. I just love talking and find it so much easier to talk that to sit and write for hours, so i have come to prefer to film my content and then post it to my blog.

I welcome your comments, suggestions and thoughts on what you enjoy and would like to see. It is a privilege to have you share this time and space with me. Thank you for being here. If you would like more, follow Urban Cajun Girl on YouTube, Facebook Instagram and Twitter.

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