I am frequently asked and happy to share some of the professional based resources that been a part of my journey, education and sourcing.

Aromatherapy Affiliates

Aromatherapy Awareness & Safety

31440_117931774894892_6078266_nAromaWeb is my #1 go-to online aromatherapy resource. Founded in 1997 by clinical aromatherapist, Wendy Robbins, you will find what is likely the world’s most extensive web source of holistic aromatherapy articles plus essential oil, carrier oil and hydrosol profiles, guidelines, directory, recipes and more. They have an extensive directory of books, aromatherapy schools and suppliers, both in the US and internationally.  If you do not know where to start or need quick info, start with AromaWeb!

1391657_627977873919327_890506795_nThe International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists  (IFPA) is largest aromatherapy practitioner organization in the UK and serves to support aromatherapists and improve standards of education and practice in aromatherapy.

unknownNational Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) was founded in 1990 is a leading aromatherapy organization in the United States and internationally. Exploring their link called “Explore Aromatherapy” and “Education” tab  was one of the catalysts that changed my understanding of the broader world of aromatherapy. This discovery lead me to appreciate that there was more to using essential oils than DIY home use and personal care recipes found on social media, back of bottles and sales rep friends. They also offer a membership directory to assist in finding an aromatherapist in your area.

aiaAlliance of International Aromatherapist was founded in 2006 as a professional organization representing aromatherapists. AIA works to increase awareness of and expand access to aromatherapists, help its members build successful practices, expand the body of aromatherapy research, and serve as a resource for members, the media and the public.   + AIA Safety Standards

unknown-1Aromatherapy Trade Council is an independent and self-regulating aromatherapy trade organization, with industry guidelines for safety, labelling, packaging and responsible marketing to consumers. Safety Matters

11334155_1141268729223303_7729959150672603574_o-2Canadiana Federation of Aromatherapists was established in 1993 by concerned individuals in response to the rapid increase in use of aromatherapy. This professional organization continues to work to foster continued growth, high standards of aromatherapy practice and education and information about aromatherapy products and services to the public.

Aromatherapy Books has a extensive list of recommended books. These are the some of books that I have and use regularly:

Aromatherapy for the Healthy Child
Author: Valerie Ann Worwood
Publisher: New World Library
Copyright: 2000
ISBN: 1-57731-095-0

Complete Aromatherapy & Essential Oils Handbook for Everyday Wellness, The
Level: Beginning • Intermediate
Author: Nerys Purchon and Lora Cantele
ISBN: 0-0778804860 / 978-0778804864

Complete Book Of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy, The
Also known as “The Fragrant Pharmacy” in the UK.
Level: Beginning •Intermediate
Author:Valerie Ann Worwood
ISBN: 1577311396 / 978-1577311393

Essential Living: Aromatherapy Recipes for Health & Home
Level: Beginning
Author: Andrea Butje, Aromahead Institute
ISBN: 1477533338 / 978-1477533338

Essential Oil Safety: A Guide for Health Care Professionals
Level: Intermediate • Advanced
Authors: Robert Tisserand and Rodney Young
ISBN: 0443062412 / 978-0443062414

Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils: The Science of Advanced Aromatherapy
Level: Intermediate • Advanced
Author: Kurt Schnaubelt, Ph.D.
ISBN: 1594774250 / 978-1594774256

Watch my recent video below on books for everyday living that I use with my own family.

Aromatherapy Diffusers & Nebulizers

10291223_541899182583536_5123054569071717184_nZAQ Diffusers are my absolutely favorite ultrasonic diffusers for essential oils. I have had at least four other brands and none performed or held up as well as my ZAQs. The Dew and the Bamboo are my favorites. They are all BPA free and have a 12 month warranty for more peace of mind. Find them on Amazon, Overstock and other on-line retailers. Watch the video review for each model and use their handy product comparison chart to find the perfect model for your chosen space and needs.

10486030_622747357823109_2781868729421681741_nOrganic Aromas makes gorgeous blown-glass nebulizers in a variety of shapes and styles. They are very quiet unlike most and you can choose your color wooden base and even have them laser engraved with a logo, message or quote. Nebulizers offer the purest aromatic diffusion of essential oils as they are not mixed with water or heat and are diffused from a glass reservoir rather than a plastic tank. The atomized oils create a fine mist that fills the space immediately with pure essential oil, up to 800 square feet. Save 15% with code SHAREME

Essential Oils, Herbals & Supplies

Absolute Aroma is my go-to retail choice when I need to buy something quick and local. I find these at Coyote Moon in Baton Rouge, LA. They are out of England and have been offering aromatherapy products since 1994 and are members of the Aromatherapy Trade Council and Soil Association. I love that their oils all have breakaway seals and are individually boxed with batch numbers and use by dates. They include fantastic essential oil usage informational on their website and on the box inserts. They only reason I do not buy them routinely is that no GC/MS report is available before purchase as is with my other faves.

Aromatics International offers essential oils, body butters, carriers, hydrosols and supplies. They support organic, wild-crafted, unsprayed, sustainable, ethical and organic farming practices. They are one of the best resources on education, recipes and uses for essential oils I have found. Owned by LMT and Certified Aromatherapist. GC/MS reports for each batch posted on website. Mega bonus: their website is filled with free 200+ recipesUse this referral link to earn $10.00 after 1st order.

Florihana is a long time trusted source of certified organic medicinal and aromatic plants by aromatherapy professionals. Offering essential oils, synergy blends, hydrosols, absolutes, tinctures, vegetable & macerated oils, diffusers and more. Country of origin, Cultivation mode, Organic Concentration, Extraction process, Part of the pant, Certificate(s), Analysis Reports, MSDS, IFRA certificate, Properties, & Technical data sheets (TDS). The bonus…these gorgeous tins for safe transport, easy storage or repurposing. Based in France, they offer Free Fed-Ex shipping with $100+ order or you can purchase from the Florihana U.S.A. website.

Mountain Rose Herbs with begins traced to Rosemary Gladstar in 1987, this well known USA company staffed owned by an herbalist with an in-house certified aromatherapist product manager and a host of plant and eco lovers, they bring us thousands of options ranging from essential oils, carrier oils, hydrosols, waxes, buttes, supplies, salves, elixirs, tinctures, extracts, herb, teas, seasonings, bags, jars, containers and more. They carry many certifications including Oregon Tilth Certified Organic, USDA organic, Fair for Life, Non GMO Project, Earth Share, Earth Kosher, CarbonFund and more! MRH offers great customer education though their blog and YouTube Channel. Check out their playlist for Aromatherapy and Essential Oils including the 3-part series on Essential Oil for Beginners. If interested in herbal education, check out the list of schools they offer. Note: I have not bought any of their essential oils as  GC/MS reports are not available on website.

Nature’s Gift, owned by vintage aromatherapist and author, Marge Clark, is a supplier of clinical quality essential oils and wide range of aromatherapy supplies including gorgeous diffuser jewelry. Nature’s Gift’s essential oils are curated from small distillers around the world rather than mass market suppliers and wholesalers. I dubbed them an essential oil “boutique” because here you will find some of them most amazing botanical products for the truly discriminating customer. Some other unique features are that they offer discounts to licensed health care providers, samples to customers, and support a number of charities with a portion of their proceeds. GC/MS reports for each batch posted on website. Sign up for newsletter for monthly savings and a very educational blog.

Plant Therapy extensive line of essential oils, hydrosols, carriers, supplies and accessories and free shipping. A Kid Safe line of singles, blends and rollerballs  developed with Robert Tisserand are also available. Plant Therapy makes aromatherapy as simple as it can get. It is a great place to start as they offer great collections and supplies at family affordable prices. They have a very extensive line of blends for every concern and the Kid Safe line is a worry free option for moms. Plant Therapy offers GC/MS reports & has certified aromatherapist on staff that are available to assist customers with questions and purchases. I got to meet Retha at a recent convention and personally thank her for the hard work and safe use education they have brought to everyday families over the recent years.

Stillpoint Aromatics is a trusted source by many professional aromatherapist and loved by consumers alike.  They offer pure organic, wild harvested and unsprayed essential oils. Ethically farmed products are sourced directly from producers and GC/MS reports available. They also offer hydrosols, carrier oils, resins, base lotions, kits and an extensive range of bottles, inhalers and other supplies for crafting. What I love about them is you can shop by Energetics and Chakras, Aroma, Therapeutic Benefit & Best Sellers.  Also all vital information is available for each essential oil including: Country of Origin, Plant Parts, Cultivation Method, Note Classification,  Method of Extraction, Botanical Family, Chemical Family, Distillation Date, Approx. Shelf Life & Batch Number. Recipes and therapeutic benefits are also given. You can also order in a wide range of sizes from sample size & 5ml all they way up to 16- 32 oz in some cases.

NAHA Approved Schools of Professional Aromatherapy

img_6190Aromatic Studiesformerly The Institute of Dynamic Aromatherapy,  was established in 1991 and is one of the founding schools for aromatherapy education in North America.  Jade Shutes, BA, LMT is the founder of the school and past NAHA President. The school offers two professional certifications, Foundations of Aromatherapy and Aromatic Scholars as well as a number of independent certification courses including French Aromatherapy Balms, Butters & Salves; and Organic Body Care. They also offer a Free On-Line Introduction to Aromatherapy Course on how to use essential oils for health and wellness. You can also find Jade sharing her decades of expertise on training videos for free on her VIMEO channel and her blog.

As a current student, I have been overjoyed and grow ever more confident with each class that I found the perfect fit for me. It was a tough decision with some many great options, but I am thrilled that they are part of my journey. I recently completed my Level 1 certification and looking forward to additional courses. f you are interested in know more about my experience so far at Aromatic Studies, I am happy to share my experience.


Aromahead Institute offers the Free Introductory Course that opened my eyes to the wider world of aromatherapy. Andre Butje, LMT and Clinical Aromatherapist is the founder and is an incredible instructor and ambassador of aromatherapy on both the professional and consumer level. She is also a recent recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Alliance of International Aromatherapists (AIA).

Aromahead Institute is one of the most popular on-line learning certification program in the country, offering specialty courses plus a certification program. Their YouTube channelblog, free recipes and newsletter are a continued source of education for me. If interested, also check out her free live webinar: Reduce Allergies Naturally and others that follow when you subscribe to her newsletter.

Andrea is the first “real” aromatherapist I ever came across and discovering her changed my world!! I truly thought I would enroll in her school when the time came but ultimately I choose another because the levels were divided into two sections of foundation and scholar which appealed to me as I needed to take one step at a time. I have completed her Introductory course along with many seminars that she so generously offers when you subscribe to her newsletter.


Are you an Auditory Learner? Liz Fulcher, Clinical Aromatherapist & Founder of Aromatic Wisdom Institute School of Creative Aromatherapy, offers what I consider the finest podcast on the subject of aromatherapy. essential oils, hydrosols, natural health and healthy living. Liz has an easy to follow teaching style and a full list of products and links are posted on her website for each podcast.

Aromatic Wisdom Institute also offers a blog plus a few inexpensive on-line courses if you want to really dig deep into an area. They also offer some local classes and the heart of the school is the live aromatherapy certification Fall & Spring courses offered at the school in Selinsgrove, PA.

Listen on iTunes or Stitcher. I listen, walk and learn with Liz!! These podcast are perfect for continued learning as you walk, cook, do housework or just sit and relax for 15-20 minutes. They are invaluable to me as a lifelong learner.


Atlantic Institute for Aromatherapy, opened it’s doors in 1989 and was founded by the legendary Sylla Sheppard-Hanger, LMT, who serves as Director of Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy/ Instructor. The Tampa, Florida based school offers local workshops and Aromatherapy Practitioners courses in both self-study  and live training. They have a blog and maintain an essential oil injury report which anyone can submit to anonymously.

Sylla is extremely active in both professional and consumer aromatherapy groups on social media. Recognizing that there is a tremendous lack of education on safe and effective usage for the retail level consumer as essential oils have become mainstream over the past decade, Sylla continuously reaches out to offer education and support to everyday consumers via Facebook groups such as Essential Oil Consumer ReportsBlue Tansy Analysis and her own blog.

Do you sell or make aromatherapy products? Are you FDA compliant ?