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6 Reasons to Buy Essential Oil Samples

One of the most exciting things about essential oils is that there are so many types available. Ironically, one of the most stressful things about them is ….there ARE so many!

Virginia Cedarwood Sample
from Be Kind Botanicals
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Aromatherapy Gift Idea: AromaBox with a Special Offer

AromaBox by Aroma Girls created a special offer just for Urban Cajun Girl readers! Pick up their latest box for your Secret Santa, someone special on your gift list, or just for yourself.

The December 2019 box is already sold out, but you can snag the previous bimonthly box from their online store.

Use code HOPE5 for $5.00 off a one-time purchase of the October 2019 Box. Regularly $35, but only $30 with the discount code, and while supplies last.

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Essential Oils for Fall and Winter Vacation

Essential Oils for Holiday Travel

I am all unpacked from our recent Thanksgiving vacation in Sandestin, Florida. These little essential oil beauties were handpicked as my travel buddies, each for a specific reason or potential need.

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My Aromatherapy Journey

My aromatherapy journey seems to have began without my awareness. Looking back, the seeds were planted in graduate school back in the early 90’s. I loved using lavender and eucalyptus essential oils in a terra cotta light bulb ring to set the “mood” for getting projects done and relaxing. They were great companions during those stress-filled years of studying and late night research papers while working full-time.

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Best Essential Oil Diffuser: ZAQ Bamboo Diffuser​​

I am often asked about essential oil ultrasonic diffusers. There is seemingly an endless selection of styles, features, and brands. I certainly have not tried all of them, but I have had enough variety over the years to feel comfortable making recommendations when asked.

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