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The Benefits of a Personal Mantra

The time will pass no matter what you do. What you do with the time is what matters.Hope Maria man·tra (ˈmantrə) noun: A statement or slogan repeated frequently. This personal quote is the mantra I created for myself last year. Developing a personal mantra helped me focus on my life goals ...everyday, and at times,… Continue reading The Benefits of a Personal Mantra

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Pretty in Pink: Himalayan Pink Salt Sole Water

What is Sole Water? Sole (so-lay) is made from Himalayan pink salt and pure water. It is a 26% salt solution that captures the 84 minerals and trace elements of Pink Himalayan salt. Sole water is made using the sole solution for the purpose of supporting proper nutrition and overall health. Sole water is rich… Continue reading Pretty in Pink: Himalayan Pink Salt Sole Water

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Wellness Wednesday On Facebook

Wellness related posts are abundant every Wednesday on social media. Today, I have a very special one dropping on my Facebook page at 6:30 pm (CST) for this week’s Wellness Wednesday. Click here or at the bottom of the page to follow my Facebook page for fabulous #WellnessWednesday natural and organic finds and deals. XOX,… Continue reading Wellness Wednesday On Facebook