“A man may esteem himself happy when that which is his food is also his medicine.”

Henry David Thoreau

Herbal Products

Andi Lynn’s Elderberry Syrup and Blends

Andi Lynn’s Custom and Pure Formulary was birthed from a Louisiana mom’s commitment to natural wellness for her own family. These small-batch, pharmaceutical grade, certified organic European elderberry and herbal products are available in health food stores across the country as well as their Amazon store.

If you’ve known or followed me for any time, you know my family has loved and promoted Andi Lynn’s for years. Andi Lynn’s Elderberry Blends are vital to our year round natural wellness.

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Mountain Rose Herbs offers certified organic, fair trade, sustainability sources herbs, spices, and essential oils. Members of herbalism schools and associations typically get discounts.

Education Resources

The Herbal Academy offers online courses for anyone seeking to advance their education in herbalism. They offer individual classes and bundled courses for 4 herbal pathways: family, professional, clinical, and entrepreneur herbalism.

Herbarium by The Herbal Academy is an annual subscription for new and seasoned herbal users. At your fingertips you’ll have 24/7 access to a digital library filled with e-books, classes, monographs and more.


The Herb Society of America is a national organization for anyone passionate about herbs. Membership gives you access to their online library, webinars and local monthly meetings and events.