Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone had a great weekend. This weekend I worked really hard to finish up a very special video to follow in my next blog post. It is something I have needed to do for a bit because I start back to school next week for an on-line class this semester, so I will not be able to film as often. I will still pop in from time to time on my blog and of course share regularly on my social media, but filming and editing, even as basic as my videos are…takes a quite bit of time. Continue reading



Hello again!!

I know, I know…am supposed to be cutting back a tad since  I will be taking a class this semester, but…I had a chance to get some videos done this past weekend so I hope you enjoy them. Upcoming video posts will cover green beauty, aromatherapy, empties and a few extras! I still plan to film my series of eco-wellness discoveries from ShiftCon over the next couple of months and of course my monthly Satva Box unboxing.

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img_8229Happy New Year!!!!!!

New Year is about fresh starts and babies …right! So, today I’m sharing my natural and organic ShiftCon discoveries for moms and babies in my latest video.

I also share the EWG’s Clean 15 and Dirty Dozen list as a guide to buying produce for your family. It’s a great and easy guide to use if reducing pesticide exposure is on anyone’s 2017 agenda.  Continue reading


img_8816Happy Last Day of the Year!!!!!  

I know “breakfast for dinner” does not seem like an expected post for New Year’s Eve but today is a “knock it out”  day for me. I am scratching things off of the perpetual “to do” list that seems ever growing and that includes sharing this super quick video of one of my favorite quick meals. This video highlights a few favorite brands if you are looking to increase your options for grass fed and pasture-raised eating in the New Year. Continue reading

Natural & Organic Brands: Breakfast, Protein, Snacks, Baking & Allergy Free

shift-con-2If words like natural, organic, nonGMO, sustainable, grass fed, & eco-friendly are part of your healthy living love language…you’ll love this new series.

ShiftCon was held in New Orleans…December 1-3, 2016, and I was given the glorious opportunity to attend! ShiftCon is a 3-day blogger education & networking conference & expo for online publishers who provide content related to  natural, organic, eco-friendly & green lifestyles. ShiftCon is sponsored by food, health & wellness brands with shared values and there were about 40 brands there, sharing the love!  I came home with so much stuff that there is no way I can share it all in one post or video, so I decided to break it up into categories and give you a mini series. Continue reading



Hi Everyone!!!

You are never too old to learn,  and wow… I learned vlogging is hard work! I decided to give vlogging a shot after a few YouTube friends suggested I do some vlogging for variety. I am not sure vlogging is really for me because I actually got tired talking all day…about my day…and to myself…LOL… but it was fun to putting it together.   Continue reading



Hi Beauty Lovers!!!

Today I am sharing my #1 skin care tip plus my skin care routine. This post is by request of Kat B. after watching my recent Neal’s Yard Remedies Haul video.

First let me say, whether you shop drug stores, department stores, spa lines, etc., it is important to protect yourself by using only products with known safe ingredients, not harsh and concerning ingredients that contribute to health concerns even if they give you beautiful skin results. For a list of ingredient to avoid, I love this simple wallet card and Never List from Beautycounter. I have this saved on my iPhone and use it anytime I need to read a label. Continue reading