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The Benefits of a Personal Mantra

The time will pass no matter what you do. What you do with the time is what matters.

Hope Maria

man·tra (ˈmantrə) noun: A statement or slogan repeated frequently.

This personal quote is the mantra I created for myself last year. Developing a personal mantra helped me focus on my life goals …everyday, and at times, hour by hour. It helped me get back to the well-balanced person that I missed. It also taught me that self care is not selfish, but rather vital “life care.”

I spent so much time the past years reading, studying, shopping for and sharing about natural, organic & healthier living paired with my full time career, family life, etc. that I didn’t realize it took away the time to make my own health a priority.

I gained 30+ pounds over the past several years and didn’t even “see” it until seeing our 2018 Christmas family photo.

Christmas 2018 | Christmas 2019
Christmas 2018 (top)
Christmas 2019 (bottom & right)

I am always a happy person, plus I still felt thin in my mind, so I think that blinded me a bit. I am thankful I did not develop have any health issues, but surely things needed to change for my future self.

Looking back to last year, I was right. The time did pass. What I did with it did matter.

“You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.” | Lucille Ball

In future posts, I’ll share some of the things that I did with my mantra in mind. Small changes over time have definitely added up to big changes in my life. There are more changes to come, but I hope that by sharing my experience, it inspires and helps others on a similar journey.

If you are feeling stuck in any area of life, I encourage you to have a personal mantra. A mantra can be a scripture, a famous quote, a philosophical thought, or your own creation.

Let me know in the comments what mantra you choose for 2020 as you focus on your life’s goals.

XOX, Hope Maria

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